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Why not join Aviation in Action for our live stream events from various locations around the world, including civil airports and military airbases? We also share professional images of both civil and military aircraft on Facebook and Instagram!

With many years as keen enthusiasts, we want to share our vast experience while having fun during our live streams and videos. We would greatly appreciate people getting involved and sharing their experiences during our shows and even asking questions that you may have to our experts.

Our images and videos are taken using state-of-the-art cameras, and we regularly feature in several aviation magazines and news sites!

We aim for our live stream to last a minimum of 2 hours at many different locations across the globe.

Our live streams are free; we generate income from advertisements and donations only!

Did you know that Aviation in Action is proud to hold an International Press Pass, giving us privileged access to bring you the latest news and events from across the globe?

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